Warpaint, 2014

Warpaint, 2014

Warpaint comments on the gender specific impositions that Western culture and society cast, specifically in this instance with females (but is not exclusive to). The use of watercolour paint represents the layers of imposed and influenced attributes incorporated into the upbringing of females and how they should behave to be socially acceptable. “Woman is a social being, created within and by a specific society…constrained by the world…by relationships, institutions and ideas.”* The magnified elements of the painted components exemplify the focus and scrutiny that gender politics, feminism and any form of gender and social revolution receives. It is important to recognise the systematic oppressive characteristics that society maintains because both male and female are apart of the world that forms and implements social structures, and thus resistance and acquiescence will contribute to the beginning of change.

*Jill Julius Matthews, 1984, Good And Mad Women: The Historical Construction of Femininity in Twentieth Century Australia, George Allen & Unwin, Australia”

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IMG_9056 copy IMG_9055 copy IMG_9053 copy


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