Unescorted, 2016

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Unescorted utters the journey of sexual and autonomous identity that women attempt to attain in the 21st century. Post-sexual revolution, which waved throughout the 1960s to 1990s, women of the 21st century have it better than ever before in history. Still, it’s a confusing and contradictory place in a Western context. The sexual revolution reclaimed and asserted women’s sexuality and fundamental rights. The contradictions in today’s period has mixed messages between modern sexual identity and liberation, and not being a ‘slut’ or equated to an escort prostitute. Women’s sexual activity and expression is still policed. Ultimately, this sends a message of belittlement, shame, anxiety and isolation. Unescorted illustrates the internal struggle between wanting to be sexually assertive in it’s wide range of ways, but not wanting to be oppressed and shamed by others and the patriarchal system. Furthermore, Unescorted is a metaphoric statement on the way society essentially escort’s women, taxing them of their choices and expressions for being sexually liberated and sexual beings. By unescorting ourselves, we can reclaim our autonomy over our sexuality and, fundamentally, our lives.