The Novocastrian Romance/Relationship, 2015

IMG_9428 copy

IMG_9448 copy


IMG_9541 copy

The Novocastrian Romance/Relationship is symbolic for many perceptions that reflect current issues nationally and locally. Newcastle is a developing city that can be considered between cosmopolitan and regional. There is a tension between the political system, an argument surrounding the railway and connecting the city, the art culture is trying to get to a climax, and no body is bothered to deal with paid parking. The two pigeons in an intimate state are symbolic of this Novocastrian relationship – where establishment is not quite easy, sometimes it is forced, but what a great time Newcastle can bring.

As a female artist, I observe the politics and social happenings within my local city. I also struggle as I experience an uncomfortable reality of being in between the two characteristics of cosmopolitan (where women are better heard and artists are more celebrated) and regional (where reality is slow and life is in the back seat). Like the Novocastrian pigeons, the game of developing a city is like having relations with a new partner.

image1-4 FullSizeRender

Newcastle Amnesty ‘Diversity’ Exhibition at the Newcastle Museum, 2015


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