Self Portrait Study, 2015

11036414_865841260168681_2663664113959053837_o 11059374_865841333502007_5071572834189897395_o

11709880_865841080168699_7125223476513853399_o 11732021_865841166835357_8477051409197674425_o

11741314_865841293502011_4207907343797445088_o 11794431_865841163502024_1370622172508070933_o

Self portrait studies of my mental processes analysing and observing the injustices in society(ies). I continually aim to be as aware and educated in social movements that focus on liberating and empowering minorities. It was during and on reflection after a study trip to the United States (where currently, and historically, there are systematic, institutional and outright acts of racism) I was confronted by the existence of this reality. As a Anglo Saxon Caucasian Australian, I often wondered how people who experience some of the worst social discrimination would view myself and if they, or anyone, can identify allies out from the many people within a city and society. It likely is not enough to just be, to try express with body language the alliance to minorities. Being an ally requires action and listening to those without privilege to voice their experience and opinions.
Furthermore, it blows my mind how many people do not realise this epidemic, whether it be to do with race, gender, speciesism, etc. It is through these studies that I try to illustrate my bewilderment, offence and disappointment with the reality of society’s general attitude, lack of progressive action and the state of discrimination now in 2015.


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