I Am, 2015

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I Am (Untitled 1-5) exhibition at the University of Newcastle Art Gallery, November-December, 2015.



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I Am seeks to embrace, celebrate and challenge traditional notions of gender roles and expectations. It is an exploration of feminine sexuality, gender non-conformity and assertive expression. The umbrella of Feminist ideology in contemporary social politics embraces inclusive acceptance. Historically, within the Western cultural context, roles and expectations within society have been constructed though patriarchal parameters set by religion and tradition. This kind of restriction has contributed to oppressive attitudes and practices, particularly in relation to sexuality, gender, race and class.


I Am challenges these traditional conventions and promotes the acceptance and embracing of feminine sexuality and gender non-conformity. The theme presents an emphasis on intimacy, which was determined as an essential dynamic in the relationship of photographer, as director, and the models. I have particularly focused on feminine sexuality as it represents a strong part of my own identity, and is a continuing issue within the culture of our society. The depiction of the shadow is a significant representation of the psychological effect that cultural restrictions have had on individuals. The superficiality of blended illustration and photography accentuates the existence of struggle surrounding feminine sexual expression and restrictive gender constructs. The amalgamation of conceptual and technical elements creates a metaphor that reflects tension and desire. I Am celebrates non-conformity in the individual construction of femininity, sexuality and gender.


— Kalinda Nelson-Boyd

I Am is Kalinda Nelson-Boyd’s body of work from her Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) dissertation.


Our Vessel; Our Gender; Our Sexuality; Our Selves, 2016

Combined exhibition at Newcastle Art Space by Kalinda Nelson-Boyd and Phoebe Turnbull

Kalinda Nelson-Boyd: I Am series










The Peacock in the Room
Curated by Petra Nicals, 2016

Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Featuring I Am (Untitled 5 & 6)






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