New York Diversity: An Observation On Racial Ambiguity & Identity, 2015

11950327_885477121538428_2332005044017492457_o 11937986_885477118205095_4810045437162837122_o

11958043_885476964871777_8424091304031035928_o 11895301_885476968205110_3735305564376649723_o

11958154_885476978205109_555438682515999737_o 11888166_885477051538435_8630002284247202644_o

11951589_885476714871802_8443506499352071230_o 11252862_885476764871797_8603914195851451163_o

11891872_885476791538461_4843642559004067955_o 11227044_885476821538458_6251947472963165192_o

11895025_885477048205102_4489867085982387073_o 10911479_885477061538434_475070005047501879_o

11895215_885476528205154_7342146165797792826_o 11928721_885476538205153_2704746258762872576_o

11942192_885476721538468_1826191559074561820_o 11896479_885476694871804_889669501586212159_o

11942105_885476524871821_2845682305447235942_o 11895301_885476638205143_9053083606532952746_o

11883831_885476814871792_5090614441090253128_o 11884607_885476881538452_2533968404913475380_o

10869819_885476624871811_2143627495248526827_o 11885013_885476644871809_7670367055219524496_o

Kalinda Nelson-Boyd, c-print photograph & oil paint on canvas, 2015
Copyright © All rights reserved.

This study is derived and inspired from my educational trip to New York, United States in July 2015. Having being influenced by the culture, the art and the (assumed) local people, I was very intrigued by the associations of the stigma that the U.S. has with racism and my present observations of multi-cultural diversity and identity. I stress this series is not to rid or ignore the significance of racial identity and it’s history, nationally and globally. Skin tone, saturation and colour is to play on the contemporary politics of race and culture and has the intent to enrichen the importance of intersectional inclusivity, and the respect and empowerment of diversity.


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