Hypoarousal, 2016

Hypoarousal, 2016

An exploration of personal art therapy integrating with Artists’ attempt in articulating their experience with Depression and Anxiety.


The series Hypoarousal represents my attempt in articulating my experience of depression and anxiety. The green is dense, rich and saturated – symbolic for the mood; encompassing a deafening atmosphere of how I felt.

I present myself as slightly active – moving around the room with anxiety – yet still contained, essentially by my depression.

The window can be interpreted as the cliche, ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’, or the dismal level of hope left. I knew there was happiness and optimism and rationality out there, but to see it; to open the blinds and invite the light in felt absolutely impossible.

This work honours my depression, giving it value and empowering myself to have capacity to hold my painful experience(s) in a way that processes it into a positive post-reflection. It touches on surviving and achievement.



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