Adam’s Apple In Eve’s Dominion, 2015

IMG_9858 copy
Adam’s Apple In Eve’s Dominion, 2015

A personal reflection and rejection of the dominating religion of Christianity. In particular referencing the story of Genesis and how the story and the roles of Adam and Eve reflect that of patriarchy and the now systematic and institionalised sexism. Symbolic of Eve’s female rights, undeserving of consequences and sexist punishment for desiring a fruit of knowledge which any and every female should have always been entitled to. Not to mention the symbol of the bed that represents shameless sexual assertiveness and expression – which also is a metaphor in respect to the ‘World’ where female, or Eve for that matter, is taking on the role of God.
*Have not completely resolved in theorising of this concept, and would like to make clear this reflects a Christian-centric interpretation due to my personal background and culture, but does not and cannot act as a representation for every personal interpretation or generalisation who shares much of life’s reality in today’s context.


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